Can You Have It All?

Have you ever seen those memes where it asks you to choose between career, social life, and enough sleep?


Well after graduating with honors from Howard University, landing a great job in LA, and being known as that "mixxy" friend who never misses a function... I can confidently say that you can have all three.


How you may ask...

1. Set goals

2. Find ways to keep your peace

3. Prioritize what is important to you



I was never the type to physically write my goals down on a sheet of paper or assign myself deadlines...which I think really helped me in the long run. If you're too demanding of yourself and you end up not meeting a deadline, you might beat yourself up and have less motivation to go back and meet that goal. Try keeping your goals in your mind and make sure that everything you're involved in - classes in school, your jobs/internships, organizations, community service - are all tied to reaching one of your goals. That way you can ensure everything you're doing is purposeful.



This topic is very important. There are so many cases of mental health issues that go unnoticed - especially in young adults. When I was juggling my social life, school, work, and trying to sleep I would take 10 minutes every day to do absolutely nothing. Maybe before bed or right when you wake up. Just lay there. Don't do ANYTHING. Try to erase all the thoughts that are swarming in your head. I'm a huge fan of self-care and love. Go get a mani/pedi, go to the movies, go out to eat, or go shopping...just to get away from people and do your own thing for an hour or two. If you literally can't get the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep per night, experiment with how much sleep you can function on and then try to make up lost hours during the day as naps!



Don't you hate when you see those posts about finding your passion? I do..but they're good reminders to think back to the goals you set for yourself. Goals are pointless if you don't have action steps to achieve them. When it comes to social life, you have to decide how important that is to you. When your friends ask you to go out, don't think about how tired you might be. Think about how fun it will be to go out and spend time with them. I had to work while I was in school so I made sure my jobs would allow me to be social while on the clock and had flexible hours (for those in college - look into ambassador jobs). Corporate America is totally different. Be sure to build good relationships with your boss and genuinely get to know them. My boss let me work from home one day so that  I could go do a commercial shoot that I'd told her about! It's about communication and how hard you're willing to switch your schedule around to make everything fit.


To be honest - with any job it is really easy to get comfortable and watch time fly by. Set an alarm on your phone every week to remind you to think about your goals, reevaluate, and make sure everything you're doing is leading up to accomplishing them.


You can do it!