Adventure Can Change Your Life

While in South Africa in 2015, I went bungee jumping at Bloukran's Bridge.  It is the world's tallest bridge bungee at 708 feet. Every time I replay the video I can feel the butterflies in my stomach just as I could that day. 

Veronica Garnett, the founder of @BlackAdventuristas, was interviewed for an article on Beyond Classically Beautiful and in the interview they asked her, "Out of the photos you've posted on your Instagram page, which adventures or 'adventuristas' are your favorites?"  She replied

“To pick favorites is so hard. But if I must, I absolutely love the video of @lifeashales bungee jumping. I think I’ve watched it a thousand times.  She looks at complete peace and so filled with joy before she jumps. It’s so inspirational. Bungee jumping is on my bucket list, but I’m not going to lie, it scares me. I’ve jumped out of a plane, but this seems even scarier. Looking at her jump it seems like it’s not so scary after all.”
— Veronica Garnett, founder of Black Adventuristas

Being featured on this page really made me feel like my adventures made an impact on other people’s lives.  Of course I was scared to jump - I was risking my life! But as Will Smith put it "you realize that the point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear. And God placed the BEST THINGS in life on the other side of FEAR." While I was plunging down toward the rocks below me I was reflecting on my life. I thought, if this rope were to break and my life ended now, would I be happy with how I've lived? Then eventually you feel the spring in the rope and realize you made it! You've lived to see another day.  I was filled with joy and at complete peace - it felt liberating!!! I really do think that adventure can save people’s lives.  Playing with fear makes you reflect on your life quickly and can change your perspective on many things. 

Everyone should attempt something they fear at least once in their lives.

Check out my full bungee experience below...